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Home Visit Repair

Are you having issues with your Computer / Laptop? We can visit your home and fix your issue on site and save you all the hassle.

Drop Off & Collect

We offer a Drop Off & Collect service, you can drop off your computer/laptop at a prearranged time and a prearranged location, we would then give your PC the time and care it needs until it is fully functioning, you could then pick it back up again as good as new!

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

Have you lost all your files and folders? Will your PC not boot and you feel you may have lost all those photos and videos you had stored on your hard drive? Do not worry, we offer a data recovery service fully able to recover data in almost all circumstances.

Slow Computer?

Is your computer running slow? Is it taking ages to boot up? We can help, we are able to get your computer running like new again and give professional advice on how to keep it that way!

Virus and Malware Removal

Often, computers get clogged with viruses and malware, causing major issues to the performance and even your PC security. We can ensure your PC is virus and malware free, improving performance and even security!


Internet/Wifi Issues? We can help! If you are having ANY kind of issues with your internet or WIFI.

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